Why PhotoShelter is the Best Way to Back Up Your Entire Image Archive

Why PhotoShelter is the Best Way to Back Up Your Entire Image Archive

What would you do if you lost all of your photos? Years of client work, building up your portfolio, telling stories that matter and precious memories – gone, just like that. It happens more often than we’d like to believe. Hard drives break or get lost, computers crash, and hackers hack. It’s downright unthinkable for a professional photographer, a worst-case scenario.

If reading this fills you to the brim with anxiety, you’re not alone. We’ve got your back.

March 31st is World Backup Day, the perfect time to make sure your photos are backed up and better protected. But at PhotoShelter, every day is World Backup Day. So don’t worry. We’re here to bring you some much-needed peace of mind.

7 things you may not know about PhotoShelter and why we’re the best way to keep your photos safe

1. PhotoShelter was the cloud before the cloud

Since 2005, we’ve operated our own highly secure, lightning-fast network with a track record of 100% durability. We don’t rely on other cloud platforms to keep your images safe, and we’ve never lost a single bit of data. Ever. We’re proud to bring you the most secure cloud-based technology and performance in the industry (and since we were early pioneers of this technology, we have more management experience than other cloud platforms, too).

2. Every aspect of our infrastructure has geo-redundancy

From the network to the servers to the drives that store your photos, your backups have backups here. We keep multiple copies of each file on multiple servers in multiple geographic locations – so you’ll never have to worry about a damaged or lost hard drive again.

3. No restrictions on image type or size (and all the storage you need!)

You’re able to back up ALL of your photos with us. Not just the JPEGs, not just the smaller files. Upload any image format, any size. Give us your RAWs, your TIFFs and everything in between. Add totally unlimited storage with our Pro plan and you can build a truly robust online image archive with absolutely no limitations. 

PhotoShelter has changed my professional life. My process has revolutionized since making the switch and my clients have gotten spoiled. As my equipment improves and my file sizes more than double, I love that unlimited storage doesn’t interrupt the workflow for me or my clients due to space restrictions. Being able to upload full resolution allows my clients to freely choose what download size works best for them, and I can track what images are being downloaded to better learn what works for their creative needs.

Casey Templeton, Corporate & Commercial Photographer

4. Uploads are effortless

Uploading to PhotoShelter is seamless, even when you have a large batch of photos you need to add all at once. From simple drag and drop to our Lightroom and Photo Mechanic plugins, you’ve got options. You can even FTP directly from your camera.

5. We’re all about easy access

Making sure all of your photos are safe and organized in your PhotoShelter archive is great – but not so great if you can’t easily access your files when you need them most. That moment may come when you’re sitting right in front of your computer, or when you’re on a job in a remote location with nothing but your camera, phone and a spotty connection. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Instantly access your entire archive from any device, from anywhere in the world, at any time. All you need is a little bit of wi-fi, and you have full access to all of your files. (Shoutout to our FileFlow app!)

I rely on PhotoShelter daily for my commercial, editorial and fine art photography. I am often traveling on assignment and it is not uncommon for magazines or clients to contact me frantically in need of a certain image. Thankfully, because I’m able to have so many of my photos uploaded to PhotoShelter, I can quickly get them the photos they need. It’s great because it’s so quick for image delivery and it doesn’t matter where I am or where they are. The last 4 cookbooks I’ve photographed have had the high res final images all delivered to the publisher via PhotoShelter.

Paulette Phlipot, Food Photographer

6. PhotoShelter isn’t just a backup

And your archive isn’t just an archive when it’s paired with our powerful, easy-to-use tools. Building your website, sharing and delivering your work, selling prints, licenses or downloads – it all happens here.

7. You control it all

The best part? Whether tagging and organizing your images or setting visibility and access permissions, you’re in control. Make photos public, share galleries with specific clients, or keep things totally private. It’s all up to you.

To date, our secure cloud storage system oversees more than one billion individual files, and that number is constantly climbing. Our members add more than 11 million new files every month! And we take the honor of protecting your data and life’s work with the seriousness it deserves. 

Are you ready to make sure your photos are properly backed up on this World Backup Day? Start your free trial now and see for yourself why PhotoShelter is the best way to keep your files safe, organized and available to you and your clients, 24/7.

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