Thank You, Photographers: Why We Love National Photography Month

Thank You, Photographers: Why We Love National Photography Month

Here at PhotoShelter, we love the month of May. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and best of all, it’s National Photography Month! This is a time for all of us to celebrate the art and craft of photography and reflect on how this medium has shaped our world. 

From the first camera obscura to the modern digital era, photography has evolved into an area of expression that’s accessible to everyone. It has the power to evoke memories, convey emotion, transport us to different places, and connect us with people and cultures from around the world. Photography can be a powerful vehicle to see the world through the eyes of others and ignite change. 

But more than that, we love National Photography Month because it’s about celebrating you – the photographers who make it all happen. You tell stories that matter and make our world a more beautiful place. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and passion. We know creating stunning and important imagery isn’t easy, but we’re grateful that you do it anyway. Your work truly makes all of our lives richer and more meaningful.

Our team at PhotoShelter is filled with photographers, and we’re passionate about helping you succeed. With our tools, you can easily create a professional website, deliver files directly to clients, sell prints or license your work, and manage your whole photo workflow in one place. We want to empower you to focus on what you love – making beautiful images – while we handle the rest.

This May, we hope you’ll take some time to think back on your photography journey. Consider this an opportunity to connect with other photographers, learn new techniques, or dig deep into your archive to reflect on where you were when you first started and how far you’ve come. However you choose to celebrate, we’ll be cheering you on. Because we believe photography has the power to change the world, and we’re proud to be a part of this community.

Whether you’re an image maker or image lover, a professional with 30 years in the game or an enthusiast with a full camera roll, National Photography Month gives us all a chance to celebrate our love for this amazing art form. 

Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing incredible PhotoShelter member imagery on our Instagram from some of the best photographers in the business. Plus, we’re taking to Twitter to ask the photo community a question a day – like how you got your start, who influences you, the stories behind some of your favorite images and more. Join us on social to be a part of the conversation and get inspired all month long!

And if you’re looking for a platform to help you grow your business, consider PhotoShelter. We would be honored to be a part of your photography journey.

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